The functional beverages category is a continuing success story, and the credible health benefits of protein are placed to become part of that success. The delicate nature of proteins, however, creates technical challenges, when formulating them into beverages. As a result, protein beverages tend to be heavy and milky, or they do not deliver an enjoyable taste experience. These characteristics, along with sometimes unappealing packaging formats and limited retail availability, have contributed to protein drinks remaining a niche proposition.

That is, until now. Fonterra’s ClearProtein™ range of ingredients has been developed specifically for beverage applications and offers the functionality that can help overcome the above-mentioned formulation challenges. The ClearProtein range of ingredients delivers a combination of superior taste, clarity, stability and nutrition, says the company, so compelling new functional beverages can be created that exceed consumer expectations.

The range is specifically optimized for use in RTD and powdered beverages, and it combines the nutritional advantages of high-quality whey protein with leading clarity, assured stability and neutral flavor. ClearProtein additionally provides exceptional nutritional quality on every accepted method of measurement. Whether using the protein efficiency ratio, protein digestibility, corrected amino acid score or biological value, Fonterra’s whey protein isolates deliver superior nutrition. pf

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