Natural Antioxidants in Beef Patties

April 7/Beijing/Journal of Engineering -- According to a study from Beijing, People's Republic of China, "The interactions of three natural antioxidants -- tea catechins, carnosine and alpha-tocopherol -- and their effect on color, lipid stability, Metmyoglobin percentage and Metmyoglobin-reducing activity of raw beef patties were evaluated. Increase in the content of tea catechins in the mixture led to higher lipid stability and lower Metmyoglobin percentage."

"Carnosine had a notable effect on improving Metmyoglobin-reducing activity and producing better color stability at a low concentration. Alpha-Tocopherol and tea catechins enhanced lipid stability. Interaction between tea catechins, carnosine and alpha-tocopherol improved lipid stability and color stability of raw beef patties," wrote F. Liu and colleagues, China Agricultural University.

The researchers concluded, "The optimal values of tea catechins, carnosine, and of alpha-tocopherol in the mixture were 3-19%, 78-94% and 0-12%, respectively."

Liu and colleagues published their study in the Journal of Food Engineering ("Optimizing Color and Lipid Stability of Beef Patties with a Mixture Design Incorporating with Tea Catechins, Carnosine, and Alpha-tocopherol." Journal of Food Engineering, 2010;98(2):170-177).

For more information, contact R.T. Dai, China Agricultural University, Coll Food Science & Nutr Engn, 17 Qinghua E Rd, Beijing 100094, People's Republic of China.

From the April 12, 2010, Prepared Foods E-dition