On the Street: Strategic Alliance for O.C. Beverages

April 19/Irvine, Cal./Marketwire -- O.C. Beverages Inc. signed a strategic alliance agreement with Quantum TecH20, a company that holds two major worldwide patents (excluding Japan) for a Nobel Prize winning water technology that provides increased hydration of water and beverages. Bottled and tap water has approximately 17 water molecules per cluster. This technology reduces the size of the clusters to a range of 6-8 water molecules per cluster. The product, "P.H.," is an ionized natural Artesian water. In addition, it is also a natural alkaline balanced water.

The second product and world-wide patented technology (excluding Japan), "Hydro H20" is the world's first hydrogen bottled water outside of Japan. Utilizing the patented water technology to create the "P.H." brand, hydrogen is infused to create an advanced health water medically proven beneficial in numerous clinical studies in fighting free radical damage, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, Dementia, wound healing, stress reduction and several other diseases and ailments commonly occurring in our daily lives.

According to Lee Danna, president/CEO, "The future of the beverage industry is here now. With our 'Release' patent protected beverages, 'DuBe Hemp Tea,' and now 'P.H.' and 'Hydro H20,' we are truly in a position to deliver a whole new level of health oriented water and beverages. We have named this Strategic Alliance, 'Quantum Health Beverages' to capture and communicate the company's position in the fast growing health beverage segment of the beverage industry. Aside from the four products named above, the company is also developing additional health beverages that will be private labeled."

Steve Xirinachs, CEO and founder of Quantum TecH20, will serve as the Alliance CEO. Mr. Xirinachs stated that he has been working on improving the quality and health benefits of drinking water through electrolysis for several years. Xirinachs said, "Simply put, the water we drink in today's environment is not the same water as we drank 100 years ago. Pollution and the other environmental elements have turned our water from its natural alkaline pH to an acid pH, except at the highest elevations on the planet."

Xirinachs further stated that he is extremely pleased to work with O.C. Beverages and their patented "Release" beverages. Xirinachs said, "You will hear a lot from this alliance as we are able to make announcements. We believe we will have a major impact on the industry."

Now that the company has completed its reorganization and product development, they will begin announcing further detailed information on "Release," their other brands, and the company on a regular basis.

From the April 26, 2010, Prepared Foods E-dition