Glanbia Unveils New Website

October 6/Fitchburg, Wis./Glanbia Press Release -- Glanbia Nutritionals announced the launch of a new, comprehensive website at The website is designed to provide quick and easy access to information useful to food, beverage and supplement developers and marketers in their product development efforts.

The site pulls together under the Glanbia Nutritionals brand the company’s entire offering, including its whey proteins and peptides, its range of flax ingredient formerly marketed under the Pizzey’s Nutritionals name and its extensive micronutrient premix offering. While the European and Asia Pacific premix businesses have operated under the Glanbia Nutritionals brand for years, it was only last November that the former Seltzer Companies was folded into the Glanbia Nutritionals brand with its U.S. offering of micronutrient premixes, amino acids, colors, vitamins and specialty ingredients.

On the new website, Glanbia Nutritionals product information is readily available to visitors in three ways: by product, by application or by benefit. Detailed product descriptions are provided, along with several ways for visitors to get more information -- by form, by e-mail or by telephone to a specific person in their region. The goal of the site is to get visitors quickly to the information they seek.

“Glanbia Nutritionals has grown from a whey protein-focused company into a wide-ranging nutritional ingredient solutions provider,” commented Eric Borchardt, marketing manager. “The new website clarifies for visitors the extensive value that we can provide to their business. Glanbia Nutritionals offers a growing range of ingredient solutions, a collaborative and responsive manner of working with customers, applications scientists who work side-by-side on their projects, and a clinical science program to support claims made with many of our products. The new website is a user-friendly means to help our customers and prospects get the topline information they need quickly."

Visitors can also browse the site by region to find what Glanbia Nutritionals offers in their area.

From the October 18, 2010, Prepared Foods E-dition