Probiotics in Goat's Milk Yogurts

December 2/Krakow, Poland/Science Letter -- According to recent research published in the journal Milchwissenschaft -- Milk Science International, "Present consumers, who are more and more aware of the impact of diet on their health, look for and want such food products, which can beneficially impact their health. Amidst the food products fulfilling such criteria, there are fermented milk drinks of a new generation containing probiotic bacteria."

"The objective of this paper was to analyse the survival rate of probiotic bacteria in bio-yogurts, manufactured of goat's milk, during their refrigerating storage. While storing natural bio-yogurts of goat's milk, the count of probiotic bacteria decreased. Changes in the count of Bifidobacterium bifidum and of Streptococcus thermophilus in bio-yogurts of goat's milk were statistically insignificant. Changes in the count of L. acidophilus cells in bio-yogurts of goat's milk being stored were statistically significant, but, during a 21-day period of storage, their count increased and was higher than 10(6) cfu/ml," wrote W. Kudelka and colleagues.

The researchers concluded, "Moreover, a high survival rate of probiotic bacteria was evidenced, and this fact means that it is possible to manufacture drinks showing high healthy values from goat's milk."

Kudelka and colleagues published their study in Milchwissenschaft -- Milk Science International ("Probiotics in Natural Bio-yogurts of Goats' Milk." Milchwissenschaft -- Milk Science International, 2010;65(4):407-410).

For additional information, contact W. Kudelka, University of Economics, Dept. of Food Commod Science, Ul Sienkiewicza 5, PL-30033 Krakow, Poland.

From the December 3, 2010, Prepared Foods' Daily News
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