Recently, coffee drink manufacturers have entered the energy market with enhanced formulations, such as Starbucks’ Coffee Double Shot, a ready-to-drink, shot-sized coffee drink with a double dose of caffeine. Another example of such a product is the recently launched Click Espresso Protein Drink, which claims to be an all-in-one energy drink and healthier alternative to sugary coffee and energy drinks. The beverage mix contains a double shot of espresso coffee, 15g of milk protein, 23 vitamins and minerals and 120 calories per serving. With a vanilla latte flavor, the mix is to be added to water and can be served hot or cold. Although the price is $20.99, the tub of beverage mix yields 14 servings, which also makes the Click Espresso Protein Drink an affordable alternative to pricey ready-to-drink coffee and energy drinks.
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