Post-IFT Expo Website from National Starch

August 4/Bridgewater, N.J./National Starch Food Innovation Press Release -- National Starch Food Innovation launched a new website designed to inform the food industry of the concepts that the company demonstrated during the recently concluded IFT Food Expo. The site, entitled "What you missed at IFT in Chicago," is a recap of the more than 20 concepts and prototypes booth visitors sampled during the three-day show. The url for the site is:

The centerpiece of National Starch's exhibit was the show put on by the company's CULINOLOGY team, led by Janet Carver, who is also the president of the Research Chefs Association. Working with the latest culinary trends from around the world, the team presented a display of 15 prototypes, including eight live demos that changed every few hours. The unique dishes included exotic sounding items such as Almond-peppadew sambal, a South African dip, and Syrian Za'atar pulled chicken. They were created to demonstrate how National Starch's ingredients and applications expertise can help food processors create unique textures, reduce costs through ingredient substitution, fortify with fiber and improve processing and shelf life stability.

The website also includes summaries of the dairy, beverage and bakery kiosks, where visitors can learn how they can address such important food industry issues as weight management, beverage clarity, consumer preferred textures and fat and cost reduction.

From the August 16, 2010, Prepared Foods E-dition