Coke's Secret Recipe Perhaps Divulged

February 15/Atlanta/AFP - RELAXNEWS -- Alcohol, coriander oil and nutmeg oil are among the ingredients listed in what a radio show claims is the original recipe for Coca-Cola.

A public radio show in the U.S. claims to have uncovered the top secret recipe for Coca-Cola.

Weekly radio show This American Life, based out of Chicago, says it has discovered the original recipe, buried quietly in the back pages of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution circa 1979 -- a publication dedicated to the birthplace of this caramel-colored soda pop.

According to the recipe chronicled in the Atlanta periodical, the following are key ingredients in Coca-Cola's top secret mix that give the fizzy drink its distinctive flavor, also known as 7X: alcohol, orange oil, lemon oil, nutmeg oil and coriander oil.

Since its creation in 1886, Coca-Cola has kept its formula a jealously guarded trade secret, spinning elaborate public relations mythologies about the ingredients and the people who know them.

For example, the only official written copy is supposedly held under lock and key in a U.S. vault; only two people at any given time know the secret formula; and they are not allowed to take the same plane in the event it crashes and the trade secrets are taken to the grave.

The formula was supposedly first penned to paper by a friend of John Pemberton, the pharmacist who created the beverage 125 years ago. In addition to the secret recipe for Coca-Cola, the pharmacist's log of handwritten ingredients for tonics and balms was handed down for generations until it found its way into the hands of a columnist who published the formula with what the radio host described as "little fanfare."

From the February 21, 2011, Prepared Foods E-dition