April 5/Alexandria, Va./U.S. Patents & Trademarks Office -- PepsiCo filed for trademarks for three new mid-calorie soft drinks in late January and early February -- Pepsi Next, Mtn Dew Next, and Sierra Mist Next, according to records.

PepsiCo has refused to comment on the trademark filings, but sources indicate the new drinks could be released this summer and will have 40 calories per 8oz serving, or 60 calories per 12-ounce can. This is about 40% of the calories in regular Pepsi, which has 150 calories per 12oz can, while Diet Pepsi and PepsiMax have no calories.

PepsiCo applied for the "Pepsi Next" trademark on January 20 and on February 1 for the "Mtn Dew Next" and "Sierra Mist Next" trademarks.

The precise formulation of the beverages was not explained.

From the April 6, 2011, Prepared Foods' Daily News