February 1, 2011/Prepared FoodsMagazine -- CJ CheilJedang Corp. (CJ), South Korea, in conjunction with Beidahuang, have announced the availability of RiProÆ80 rice bran protein and RiberÆ50 rice bran fiber. RiPro80 is a versatile, naturally vegan protein in powder form that can be used for a variety of food and beverage applications; it is not only hypoallergenic and gluten-free, but also contains no cholesterol or GMOs. A well-balanced and complete protein, RiPro80 features all nine essential amino acids and is highly digestible, making it an ideal ingredient for natural and health foods. Riber50 is a natural dietary fiber extracted from rice bran that is both non-GMO and hypo-allergenic. Composed of mostly insoluble fibers, it is rich in minerals, including magnesium and phosphorus, giving it multifunctionality. CJ CheilJedang Corp., english.cj.net