loaf of breadRiceBran Technologies will launch a new family of ingredients based on rice bran protein under the trademark Proryza. RiceBran Technologies has co-developed technologies to extract and concentrate high-value vegetable protein from rice bran. Proryza rice bran protein ingredients will be produced using methods that require minimal processing and without the use of solvents, acids or bases—thereby providing customers with natural ingredients. Products to be commercialized under the Proryza brand will be natural, gluten-free, non-GMO and hypo-allergenic premium proteins. First to market will be Proryza P-35, a 35% water-dispersible rice bran protein extract for beverages. This will be followed by Proryza PF-20/50, a 20% rice bran protein and 50% insoluble rice bran dietary fiber product that will initially be targeted to the natural health food industry as a premium rice bran protein and fiber ingredient.



–RiceBran Technologies, www.ricebrantechnologies.com