June 2011Prepared Foods – National Starch Food Innovation announces the publication of a new white paper, “Adding Texture Appeal to Healthy Baked Goods: A Systematic Approach to Satisfying Consumer Preferences,” intended to demonstrate to food scientists and sensory experts that many of the typical textural shortcomings of a range of healthy baked goods can be overcome with novel ingredients and formulation assistance. Alejandro J. Perez-Gonzalez, author of the paper and senior associate, System Design & Measurement, cited the growing movement toward healthy products and bakery items with clean-label credentials and the fact that consumers are reading ingredient statements as drivers for the trends in healthier baked goods with lower fat and calories, more whole grains and gluten-free ingredients. The paper shows how National Starch’s systematic approach to texture design can prevent various manufacturing and textural problems that may be associated with such formulations. For a copy of the white paper, contact National Starch Information Center, http://tinyurl.com/3bqpb86 or visitwww.foodinnovation.com.pf