August 17/Springfield, MO/Marketwire -- A fresh look for its website and a re-designed logo “reflect DairiConcepts' new corporate image as an agile innovator within the highly competitive food industry,” according to company president Jeff Miyake.

DairiConcepts makes cheese- and dairy-based ingredients for companies in the food industry. It has built its business by providing application-specific products and services to meet the unique requirements of its customers. In the process, it has become more innovative and flexible in developing customized products.

DairiConcepts' new website,, showcases these products, the food trends it supports and its technical capabilities.

"Families increasingly take their food choices seriously. During the past decade, DairiConcepts has developed an excellent track record for anticipating trends and helping our clients deliver foods that match tastes and preferences," Miyake said.

He added that DairiConcepts' new corporate brand reflects the company's innovative nature. The logo's use of swirls in graduated colors represents a flexible, dynamic company committed to new product developments, technologies and international expansion. The green represents DairiConcepts as a growing company; the blue represents corporate integrity and professionalism; and the yellow-orange denotes the company's energy and creativity.

"Our new corporate brand is distinctive, as is our website," Miyake said. "They personify DairiConcepts to the world, and we believe our customers will continue to be proud to be associated with our brand and to link to our website."

From the August 17, 2011, Prepared Foods' Daily News.