September 2011/Prepared Foods -- Consumer interest in intense flavors continues to grow, and Stride is answering that trend with an extension of its line, an extension which capitalizes on the brand’s convention-defying trademark.
Shaun White

Stride Whitemint features the line’s first custom-designed, custom-created pack, one inspired by snowboarding/skateboarding icon Shaun White. In each pack is one of five unique comedic scenarios of the sports icon. As for the gum itself, it is described as an intense mint, but the company is quick to note the launch is all about the partnership with White. “The name Shaun White is synonymous with excellence and defying convention,” a press release noted. White himself added, “Choosing the Whitemint flavor and working with Stride on the creative process has been fun. When Stride approached me about partnering with the brand, I knew it would be a great fit, and I’m looking forward to working with them on more exciting things.”