November 2011/Prepared Foods-- Comax Flavors will be highlighting a new stevia-masking flavor and a sweetness enhancer, both of which will be featured in specially developed sample beverages that will be offered to Fi Europe show attendees. With approval in the overall European market closer to reality, there continues to be a strong demand for stevia. Comax Flavors’ new stevia-masking flavor will be featured in a reduced-sugar and reduced-calorie coffee beverage, Cappuccino Cooler, intended to be the perfect “pick-me-up.” Stevia-derived sweeteners can be up to 300 times sweeter than sugar, and Comax Flavors’ stevia-masking technology can be customized to meet the needs of any application where it is used. This product contains stevia and a masking flavor that helps overcome the bitterness of stevia and deflects the lingering sweetness that can also occur. The other sample is a 66% juice beverage called Berry Blast. It contains Comax Flavors’ sweetness enhancer flavor, which naturally enhances the juice to equate to the sweetness of a 100% juice beverage, but with less sugar, per the company. Comax Flavors, www.comaxflavors.compf