February 2/Des Moines, Iowa/Press Release -- An independent panel unanimously concluded AssuriTEA Green meets food grade specifications for generally recognized as safe (GRAS) status. AssuriTEA Green from Kemin thus may be used in a variety of foods and beverages, including cereal, nutrition and energy bars, soft drinks, sports and isotonic drinks, energy beverages, fruit juices, vegetable juices, meal replacements and soft candies.

AssuriTEA Green already is available as an ingredient for use in dietary supplements. The water-extracted tea ingredient is a source of antioxidants, as it provides high levels of polyphenols and catechins.

“We look forward to working with food and beverage companies to offer consumers an all-natural green tea extract that provides the full nutritional benefits of brewed green tea,” said Alex Fink, marketing director for the human nutrition and health division at Des Moines-based Kemin. “Brewed green tea has been consumed safely for centuries and is widely recognized for its antioxidant and diverse health benefits. Including AssuriTEA Green in food and beverage products will make it even easier for consumers to receive the healthful benefits of brewed green tea.”

 From the February 3, 2012, Prepared Foods' Daily News.