March 2/Clearfield, Utah/Press Release -- Albion Laboratories Inc. has acquired Procter & Gamble's NutriStar drink mix business, gaining hundreds of intellectual property (IP) assets. The agreement includes the transfer of 102 patents and 51 trademarks previously owned by P&G throughout the world.

NutriStar is a patented, shelf-stable powdered drink mix containing micronutrients essential to human development, including Albion’s Ferrochel iron, iodine and vitamin A. According to Alibion, NutriStar has been clinically proven to improve micronutrient status of children, making them “taller, stronger, smarter."

P&G launched NutriStar in early 2000, targeting developing markets with the nutritional powdered beverage designed to help kids grow while also boosting mental alertness and performance. While lauded for both its clinical results and mission, P&G was not able to secure broad market adoption, despite heavily investing in extensive educational campaigns.

“We continue to have great passion for this product and the technology behind it, but we also clearly see that getting it into the hands of those who need it most calls for a very different business model," said Jeff Weedman, vice president P&G global business development. "We have been working with Albion Laboratories for several years and view this as a truly win-win-win arrangement. Good technology is now in the hands of those who know this field the best and are best positioned to leverage it to deliver maximum benefit."

Max R. Motyka, Albion director of sales & marketing, said the company is planning its next steps, and said, "Some of what we are doing now can’t be shared until we are set. Food companies really don’t like letting the cat out of the bag until certain. Competition is tough," he said, adding, "Albion keeps an open view about the possibility of considering other businesses or business lines for acquisition. We evaluate strategic options on a regular basis. We are already experiencing interest in our new potential." He noted Albion will continue to collaborate with P&G for upcoming business opportunities.

 From the March 5, 2012, Prepared Foods' Daily News.