May 9/London/NamNews -- Eight out of 10 (78% of) European shoppers believe internet and mobile technology could improve their food shopping experience in the future, according to new research published by IGD.

The Spanish, French and British are most keen on digital innovations, and while the Germans and Dutch are less convinced, they still regard it as important.

Joanne Denney-Finch, chief executive, IGD, said, “Technology is increasingly shaping how Europeans do their food shopping. They will expect more personalization, with promotions and deals adapted to their individual needs. Seven out of 10 (69% of) European shoppers, who own a smartphone or tablet, told us they would like promotions sent to their mobiles based on the items they tend to buy. They would prefer this personalization, even if it means fewer promotions overall.

“But as European markets are at different stages in their use of internet and mobile technologies, food companies need to create specific digital strategies for the different countries they operate in and types of consumers. Nine in 10 (94% of) Dutch shoppers, for example, have internet access, compared to 64% of those in Spain.

“Technology is moving fast, and while it is important not to be left behind, firms need to focus on the digital areas that shoppers want: helping them secure the best value and making their shopping quicker and easier.

 From the May 9, 2012, Prepared Foods’ Daily News