May 2012/Prepared Foods --In its report “The Rise of Greek,” UBS found the growth in sales of Greek yogurt stems largely from its popularity among upper-income, highly-educated women. UBS notes this group is “seemingly in a better spending mood for several years, driving solid sales growth at such companies as Whole Foods, LuLu Lemon, Starbucks and Panera Bread.” It is a group willing to seek and pay more for ingredients with a higher quality.

With the growth and strong regard for Greek yogurt among women, there may rest an opportunity for manufacturers to target young people with Greek yogurt; young people account for 10% of Greek yogurt consumption, but 35% of traditional yogurt consumption. Young mothers consuming Greek yogurt, not to mention future mothers, may be an in-road to this younger demographic. But, as manufacturers have discovered in other categories, any such introductions will have to focus on taste, fun and/or licensed characters as a draw to the young consumer.  pf