June 6/La Jolla, Calif./PRNewswire -- Kashi has introduced new Kashi Soft-Baked Squares.  Available in Chocolate and Almond varieties, the Soft-Baked Squares combine unexpected real food ingredients, such as sweet potatoes and beans, with Kashi's signature blend of seven whole grains.

"We know that parents are always on the lookout for good-for-you foods that their kids will enjoy eating," says Keegan Sheridan, natural food and lifestyle expert for Kashi.  "Our new family-friendly Soft-Baked Squares give moms and dads a 'win-win' option as a great-tasting lunchbox or afterschool snack that provides surprising nutrition through wholesome ingredients."

Kashi Chocolate Soft-Baked Squares are a twist on a favorite soft-baked chocolaty snack.  Combining rich cocoa, chocolate chunks and agave for a touch of natural sweetness, these treats also contain unique and nutritious ingredients, including sweet potatoes and black beans.  Each square provides a good source of fiber with 4g* and 10g of whole grains.

Kashi Almond Soft-Baked Squares have a nutty taste topped with crunchy almond slices and made with agave for a hint of natural sweetness.  With 4g of fiber** and 14g of whole grains, each square is made with sweet potatoes and garbanzo beans. 

Kashi Soft-Baked Squares are made with no synthetic colors and artificial flavors, preservatives and sweeteners and no high-fructose corn syrup.  They are now available at grocers and natural food retailers nationwide in the snack aisle for a suggested retail price of $3.79 per box, which contains five individually wrapped squares. 

*Kashi Chocolate Soft-Baked Squares have 2g of protein and 6g of fat per one-square serving
**Kashi Almond Soft-Baked Squares have 3g of protein and 6g of fat per one-square serving

 From the June 7, 2012, Prepared Foods’ Product of the Day