A leading global supplier of natural and nature-identical ingredients, Jungbunzlauer will present various application possibilities at the upcoming IFT Expo (Booth #1300 at the Las Vegas Convention Center). Sugar-free, reduced calorie and magnesium-fortified gummy bears will feature ERYLITE Stevia, which provides a pure sugar-like taste and sweetness. Reduced sodium hot dogs will showcase sub4salt®, which offers a technical performance equivalent to salt with no concession on taste. Jungbunzlauer’s Lactics are premium quality ingredients that can help enhance flavor and extend shelf-life for a wide range of food applications, including meat products, dairy products, sauces, dressings and jams. Jungbunzlauer lactics improve metabolization, inhibit the development of bacteria and are excellent pH regulators and preservatives. According to its working principle: “Better, Faster, Closer,” Jungbunzlauer also will discuss its commitment to environmental sustainability by demonstrating how important their exceptional support and service can be to customers.

Jungbunzlauer, www.jungbunzlauer.com.