manufacturer has opted against the use of sugar in one of its recent introductions. Blue Bunny claims to be the first national brand to offer an extensive selection of no-sugar-added ice creams; Sweet Freedom promises 150 calories or less, 8g of fat or less, and 30g of carbs or less, in its range of cones, snack-size treats, ice creams and fudge bars. The ice cream bars include such flavors as Raspberry & Vanilla, Caramel & Vanilla and Chocolate & Vanilla.

The brand also has teamed with Cadbury chocolate for four new premium ice cream bars, featuring Blue Bunny ice cream dipped in a Cadbury chocolate coating. Flavor options include Cadbury Caramello, Cadbury Double Chocolate, Cadbury Vanilla Chocolate and Cadbury Chocolate Almond.

Blue Bunny and celebrity chef Duff Goldman have created a pair of cake-and-ice-cream flavors, featuring real cake pieces swirled in ice cream. Cup O’ Coffee Cake features coffee-flavored ice cream mixed with the sweet elements of sweetened cinnamon and the texture of coffee cake, while 24 Karat Carrot Cake blends the spiced flavor of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. 

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