Whether for pizza, pasta or snacks, cheese gives many convenience products that “special something extra.” But, traditional cheese is not always the best choice: Cheese preparations or recombined alternatives can offer key advantages in manufacture and processing. With the new stabilizing systems from Hydrosol GmbH & Co., dairies, deli food makers, snack makers and processed cheese plants can make attractive alternatives for cheese, white cheese and ricotta. These recombined specialties are suitable for pizza, sausage and snack fillings, dips, bread spreads, salads and desserts. Batch production is simple and uncomplicated, requiring only a double-sided cooker and a filling system. Recombinants are usually less expensive than real cheese, since they can be made in part from vegetable fat and offer good product quality. On pizza, recombined cheese pulls into long strings, like real cheese. It also allows individual flavor and color adjustment. Hydrosol GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, www.hydrosol.de/english