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October 25/Camden, N.J. -- "Global. Bold. Gourmet." This is how Campbell’s certified master chef Thomas Griffiths describes the line-up of new soups from Campbell Soup Company. Griffiths and Campbell’s team of chefs are hoping the bigger, bolder soups will appeal to diverse palates and the demand for more exciting flavors.

"With bolder, more vibrant flavors and contemporary packaging, we’re upping the ante with our new soup offerings,” said Mark Alexander, president, Campbell North America. “Campbell is reframing what soup means, with a variety of new choices that tempt the taste buds and fit the lifestyle of the Millennial generation and beyond. This is the new face and flavor of Campbell Soup Company.”

Coconut, chorizo and quinoa are just a few of the striking flavors and ingredients in a new wave of Campbell’s soups. Designed for more adventurous appetites, six new Campbell’s Go soups draw inspiration from global cuisines, with varieties like Moroccan Style Chicken with Chickpeas soup and Coconut Curry with Chicken & Shiitake Mushrooms soup. The soups, packaged in microwavable pouches, are described as perfect for time-strapped 20-somethings.

This recipe for boldness extends to the Campbell’s Chunky brand, which is rolling out three new varieties, featuring big flavors like chipotle, buffalo and jerk. The soups, including Jammin’ Jerk Chicken with Rice & Beans, Kickin’ Buffalo-Style Chicken and Chipotle Chicken & Corn Chowder turn traditional game-time fare into delicious, ready-to-serve soup.

In another twist, four new Campbell’s Gourmet Bisques provide complex layers of on-trend flavor combinations. Culinary-minded home cooks are the target for these new bisques, including Sweet Potato Tomatillo and Thai Tomato Coconut.

Another gourmet escape, Campbell’s Slow Kettle Style soups provide a slow-cooked soup experience. This year’s two new soup varieties include Kickin’ Crab & Sweet Corn Chowder with Flame Roasted Onions & Cayenne Pepper and Roasted Chicken & Chardonnay with Fire-Roasted Tomatoes, Aged Parmesan & Pasta. Combining distinctive ingredients like flame-roasted onions, cayenne pepper and aged Parmesan, these delicious soups are slowly simmered and deliver rich flavors and aromas.

“People are hungry for an authentic, homemade experience but don’t always have the time to create it,” said Chef Griffiths, director, Campbell’s Culinary & Baking Institute. “We have dialed up the flavor in our new gourmet offerings to be savored as a stand-alone indulgence after a long day of work or as a simple starter for a dinner party.”

Even as Campbell develops bold new recipes for changing tastes, the brand is building on its foundation of classics. People have always relied on Campbell’s for simple, great-tasting soups made with high-quality ingredients -- and Campbell continues to satisfy this appetite with fresh twists on its iconic soups. A colorful, flavorful spin on an American icon, new Campbell’s Condensed Sun-Ripened Yellow Tomato soup builds on the success of last year’s introduction of Harvest Orange Tomato soup. The new Sun-Ripened Yellow Tomato soup features yellow tomatoes, parsley, cilantro and thyme.