November 20/Doylestown, Pa./Press Release -- Steaz announced that its USDA Organic, Fair Trade Certified green tea based beverage, Steaz Energy, contains healthy and beneficial levels of naturally occurring caffeine sourced from all-natural green tea, guarana, and yerba mate. Steaz accurately and voluntarily discloses its caffeine content on all its energy beverage product labels and encourages other manufacturers to do the same. The December 2012 issue ofConsumer Reports reported that many energy drinks inaccurately label their caffeine content or do not label their caffeine content altogether. Steaz wants this to change.

“There is a broad range of caffeine levels and sources in everything caffeinated from chocolate, to coffee, to energy beverages,” said Steaz co-founder Steven Kessler. “We promote natural sources of caffeine and nutrition and ask consumers to educate themselves about what they are drinking. Steaz encourages all beverage manufacturers to make it easy for them to do so with open and accurate product labeling.”

The Mayo Clinic suggests a moderate dose of caffeine, up to 300mg is not harmful for a healthy adult; caffeine is noted to increase alertness and the ability to concentrate. At 100m of naturally occurring caffeine per 12oz. can, Steaz Energy is on the low end of the spectrum, especially when compared to 240mg of caffeine in a 12oz. coffee from the leading coffee chain or 128mg in the same size unnatural energy drink with added caffeine.