D.D. Williamson (DDW) forecasted “Cranberry Nectar” as the red hue of 2013. In addition, company officials designated Cranberry Nectar as DDW’s “Color of the Month” for February 2013. DDW’s new, fruit-based red hue demonstrates how new consumer products trend toward a cooler (more blue) shade in the red color family. Cranberry nectar can be used to provide a naturally derived coloring to a variety of food and beverage product applications, including juices, cocktails, apple sauce and other sauces, jellies or jams, ice cream toppings and a variety of beverages. Visit DDW’s website to learn more about the company’s color trends poll. Looking ahead to the red family in 2014, the company forecasts consumer product developers will choose a warmer, more orange-red hue with lower chroma.