Peanuts featLooking to boost peanut texture, protein or flavor? Golden Peanut Specialty Products has a wide variety of products to suit these and other formulation needs.

Roasted, aromatic peanut oils and peanut extracts are primarily used to produce peanut flavors, but they also can be incorporated directly into food products to boost peanut flavor. 

Golden Peanut’s Refined Peanut Oil is a highly stable, allergen-free* and trans fat-free cooking oil that has a pleasant flavor. It also is low in saturated fat and has a high smoke-point. Golden Peanut’s oils are all-natural, GMO-free and kosher-certified.

The company offers a full line of partially defatted, roasted peanut flours, roasted aromatic peanut oil and roasted peanut extract. Peanut flour, offered in either 12 or 28% fat levels, can be used in nutritional bars, confections, baked goods, seasonings and sauces, as well as in high-protein, low-carb foods.

New to the product line are two organic peanut flours, a 12% dark-roasted or 28% medium-roasted. The peanut flour also is gluten- and GMO-free; all-natural; and kosher-certified.

Aromatic Roasted Peanut Oil, also called Golden Premium Oil, is a light amber oil that contains the aroma and flavor of roasted peanuts. This all-natural, 100% peanut oil has many applications within the food industry and is also available with the antioxidants TBHQ (100ppm) and BHA/BHT (200ppm) to extend the shelflife. It is now offered in an organic version.

Golden Peanut Company LLC’s product lines include raw shelled and in-shell peanuts; peanut flours; peanut extracts; roasted aromatic and refined peanut oils; and peanut seed. The

company serves peanut growers and operates plants in all major peanut-growing areas of the U.S. and Argentina. 



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