Serendipity dressings in body

April 16/New York -- Serendipity, described as the next generation of salad dressings and dips, is hitting shelves this spring.

Available in select retailers and online beginning this May, Serendipity will show consumers that “healthy food” and “great flavor” can go hand in hand. Made of real dressing and in six flavors, including Blue Cheese, Honey French, Caesar, Ranch, Creamy Italian, and Thousand Island, Serendipity has 15 calories per serving. Serendipity has 90% fewer calories, carbs, sugar, fat, and sodium than other leading dressings and has no trans-fat, artificial colors or sweeteners, or cholesterol, and also contains no HFCS (Blue Cheese, Ranch, Caesar, Thousand Island, Creamy Italian). And because of the whipped nature of the product, Serendipity has built-in portion control.

At the heart of Serendipity is its novel formulation, packaging, and delivery mechanism which aerates its dressings and dips as it is released, allowing Serendipity to hold a unique “whipped” profile. Taking years to develop, Serendipity is truly a one-of-a-kind product and revolutionary breakthrough in food science, culinary arts, consumer-packaged goods, and health. In addition, Serendipity’s slender, sexy-shaped packaging and trend-leading packaging design are at the forefront of the industry.

Created by New York investor and entrepreneur Jimmy Lee, Serendipity was born in part, thanks to Lee’s background as a healthcare venture capitalist.

“Working as an investor in startup drug and medical device companies, I became all too familiar with the long-term effects that poor dietary habits can have on overall health. I thought focusing on the root problem of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease through healthy eating was a more productive route than finding costly and difficult ‘cures’ that are ineffective. Serendipity was born out of a desire to spur easy healthy eating habits without sacrificing taste, the ‘holy grail’ and what all consumers want. This really is an unparalleled, revolutionary product, as the only known 15-calorie whipped dressing and dip made of real dressing,” said Lee.

While developing the product, Lee connected with world-renowned celebrity Chef David Burke who liked Serendipity’s product so much he joined the company as the chief culinary advisor. Burke’s background in culinary innovation and product development seemed a natural fit for the first ever salad dressing and dip alternative of only 15 calories.

“After talking to Jimmy about Serendipity, exploring the product and tasting the different flavors, I immediately became a Serendipity fan,” said Burke. “I truly feel that this product will be a real game changer for consumers because while it maintains a position of being low calorie, it does not do so at the expense of great flavor; my fundamental reason for getting on board.”

Burke continued, “Serendipity’s taste and flavor is really nice, in fact even better than most other salad dressings on the market today – high or low calorie.”