Turkey Teriyaki Jerky

May 13/Memphis, Tenn. -- Monogram Food Solutions LLC, a manufacturer of value-added processed meats, will launch a new line of turkey meat snacks featuring turkey jerky, turkey bacon jerky, turkey nuggets and turkey snack sticks licensed under the Butterball brand. 

"We are excited about our partnership with Monogram, a leader in the meat snacks industry, who will be using Butterball turkey in a new, innovative meat snack offering," said Bill Klump, senior vice president of corporate marketing with Butterball, LLC. "We look forward to introducing these high-quality, delicious turkey meat snacks to customers and consumers."

Monogram is gearing up to add turkey protein to its already robust operation in Chandler, Minn., with the production of Butterball turkey meat snacks. Production begins in May for the following variety of innovative new turkey meat snacks:   

• Butterball Apple Turkey Nuggets -– made with pieces of sweet dried apples
• Butterball Turkey Bacon Jerky -– crisp, with smoky hickory notes
• Butterball Teriyaki Turkey Jerky -– sweet with savory soy sauce
• Butterball Oven Roasted Turkey Jerky -– full of Thanksgiving flavor

"Butterball is an iconic national brand with a tremendous heritage," said Wes Jackson, President of Monogram Food Solutions.  "We are honored to be working hand in hand with the folks at Butterball to bring premium turkey into the meat snack section with these healthy, great tasting products."

New Butterball Turkey Meat Snacks offer customers a better-for-you, lean protein product in the meat snack category, currently dominated by beef jerky (95%). Butterball Turkey Meat Snacks have no added MSG, are low-fat, low-calorie, low-carb and high in lean turkey protein, and at 220mg/ounce, Butterball Teriyaki Turkey Jerky has less than half the sodium found in most national brands of beef jerky (550-600mg). 

Monogram will round out the new Butterball Turkey Meat Snack line with Turkey Snack Bites and snappy Giant Smoked Turkey Snack Sticks, all made with lean nutritious Butterball turkey.

These products will hit retail and convenience store shelves nationwide this summer.