food on bbq, grilling meatDSM’s salt-reduction toolbox allows manufacturers to reduce sodium in their savory products by up to 50% without losing taste or mouthfeel. The toolbox is based on a unique, five-step approach that enables manufacturers to choose from a comprehensive portfolio of natural taste enhancers to develop foods that meet global sodium-reduction targets and deliver the delicious flavor consumers demand.
DSM’s sodium-reduction toolbox includes a broad selection of 100%-natural yeast extracts and process flavors to help manufacturers build unique and specific tastes. Depending on the type of product and the salt-reduction target, each of the ingredients in the toolbox can be added on its own or combined in five easy steps, which will enhance saltiness; restore the umami; add salty taste; and achieve a homemade meat or vegetable flavor. By activating taste receptors, particularly umami, in the mouth and throat, yeast extract-based flavorings can help compensate for the taste losses that are usually associated with salt reduction.
–DSM Food Specialties,