Base Culture, a manufacturer of Paleo-friendly baked goods, is relocating its Tampa, Fla., sales and distribution offices to 44,000 sq. ft headquarters in late November.

Base Culture's new office space will accommodate growing demand for the popular bakery's gluten-free desserts and breads, allowing for a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility on-site to maximize efficiency and better manage daily operations.

“I am extremely excited to see the completion of our new manufacturing facility, which will allow us to assemble our team under one roof for the first time allowing us to grow together to accomplish our goal of making Base Culture a household recognized brand name," said Jordann Windschauer, CEO & Founder of Base Culture.

"This project will increase our production capacity to not only meet, but succeed our customers demands. This will enable us to provide the country products that are healthy and delicious at an affordable price."

With 30,000 sq. ft. of production space, the new facility is now expected to produce up to one million Base Culture products per day as well as provide co-packing and private label opportunities to new customers.