July 22/Falls Church, Va./PRNewswire -- To address the growing interest and identification of new business opportunities in the medical and modified functional foods markets, Technology Catalysts International (TCI) has launched a new Technology and Business Review titled "Medical Foods and Modified Functional Foods." This report focuses on new developments, market trends, and regulations of both the medical and modified functional foods markets.

The medical foods market, estimated at approximately $12 billion, includes products that are designed to meet the specific nutritional requirements of a diseased population.  The modified functional foods market, estimated at $26 billion, includes food products that provide health benefits beyond basic nutrition for the healthy general population.

Consumer and scientific interest in the relationship between diet, health, and alternative medicines has created an increased demand for medical and modified functional foods.  Sparked by rising interest in attaining wellness through diet, factors such as rapid advances in science and technology, increasing healthcare costs, changes in food labeling and claim regulations, and aging populations, have fueled the growth of both markets.