yogurt dessertD.D. Williamson invites IFT 2013 attendees to The Color House to learn about its wide array of natural colorings, along with its popular caramel color, which helps sell 2 billion servings every day. DDW, Booth #2352, will sample a broad menu of on-trend breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert items. Some of DDW’s latest innovations include oil-dispersible technology to color seasoning, decorative sugar, compound coating, dairy spread and buttercream icing; Caramelized Onion powder for natural flavor and incidental color; Caramelized Apple for natural flavor and incidental color; Caramel Color 520, acid-proof, Class One “Plain;” and certified-organic annatto extracts, including a powdered version.

-- D.D. Williamson, www.ddwcolor.com