September 4/Avignon, France/Press Release -- Naturex has launched a comprehensive sustainability program covering every aspect of its activities.

By sourcing raw materials from all over the world and developing innovative ingredients that combine performance with sustainability, the company has succeeded in shaping its business around practices which respect the world and its people. In order to further ongoing efforts in this area, the group is implementing a comprehensive program to define and expand sustainable practices.

Gathering a multi-disciplinary team from all aspects of Naturex operations, a dedicated sustainability committee is driving the entire program and has developed a specific set of sustainability principles for the company.

Led by Serge Sabrier, member of the company’s management committee, the sustainability committee ensures that all aspects of day-to-day business operations and growth strategy are conducted in accordance with a set of principles explicitly set out by Naturex in support of Environmental Stewardship, Economic Prosperity, and Social Responsibility.

In early 2003, Naturex became one of the first members of the United Nations Global Compact. Since 2007, the group has started to implement ISO 14001 certifications in its factories for continually improving its environmental performance. In 2008, the company launched the "Naturex Foundation -- Jacques Dikansky," promoting economic and social development in the communities where Naturex sources raw materials. The same year, Naturex joined Sedex to drive improvements in responsible and ethical business practices throughout global supply chains. This year, the company has entered into the UEBT (Union for Ethical Bio Trade) certification process in order to promote "Sourcing with Respect" of ingredients that come from biodiversity.

The development of the comprehensive Naturex sustainability program is a continuation of the company’s dedication to sustainable principles and practices.

In addition to strengthening the initiatives described above, the program will expand the scope of these activities, while continuously planning and updating sustainable actions for the future. The company has appointed Chris Kilham as Naturex “sustainability ambassador.” Kilham regularly journeys to the world’s most remote locations, seeking new botanicals. With his well-established reputation for respecting and honoring the environment and traditional cultures, Chris is a strong voice for the Naturex program.

Serge Sabrier, chairman of the sustainability committee, noted, “Sustainable practices are not optional for our industry. Naturex is very well-positioned to drive improvements in ethical and responsible business practices across the entire value chain. It is both an opportunity and a responsibility for us to enhance our commitments in this field.”