Kate Adams, Ferrara Candy Company’s Marketing Director, Black Forest & Fruit Snacks Portfolio, will join the panel “Sustainable: For Sales and the Planet,” during Prepared Foods’ 37th annual New Products Conference ( , Sept. 30-Oct. 2 at Swissotel in Chicago.
Consumers, especially Millennials and Gen Zers, are committed to buying products that have been developed and promoted with a sustainable, eco-friendly positioning. According to research recently conducted by New York University’s Center for Sustainable Business and IRI, sustainably marketed products account for 16% of the CPG market but have driven half the market growth between 2013-2018.  And the trajectory is only going to expand according to NYU’s data.
Panelists include:
• Larry Levin, EVP of Market & Shopper Intelligence, Information Resources Inc. (IRI)
• Randi Kronthal-Sacco, Senior Scholar, Marketing and Corporate Outreach, NYU Center for Sustainable Business
• Kate Adams, Ferrara Candy Company’s Marketing Director, Black Forest & Fruit Snacks Portfolio
Panelists will discuss the impact and importance of driving new sustainable products. The story will encompass a look at key IRI New Product Pacesetters that have thrived thanks to a sustainable positioning, and Randi Kronthal-Sacco will expand on the global importance of sustainability and highlight work NYU has been doing across myriad categories. This session promises a spirited conversation around areas of opportunity; products that are hitting the mark; and the cost of not listening to the voice of the shopper.
Key takeaways:
• The current and future value of sustainably marketed products
• Categories that lag in sustainability and breakthrough sustainability messages
• Steps to take to up your sustainability game