Philadelphia Double Protein Cream Cheese in body

October 9/Glenview, Ill. -- The new Philadelphia 2X Protein Cream Cheese Spread promises twice as much protein (4g vs. 2g per serving) as regular cream cheese spread, as well as 70% less fat and calories (per serving) than the leading peanut butter.

According to the Natural Marketing Institute, protein diets are a growing trend with consumers from every walk of life. High-protein eating habits are catching the attention of the general public due to greater awareness of the benefits of its protein. 

"We know our fans regularly purchase a variety of items that have protein," said Kathy Burns, director of consumer research at Kraft Foods. "We created this new item to help consumers satisfy their desire for a diet with protein, but in a product that they enjoy -- cream cheese spread."

"We've already mastered the country's best-selling cream cheese but want to continue to offer our fans new and delicious ways to truly enjoy their breakfasts and snacks," said Katie Peterson, brand manager for Philadelphia Cream Cheese. "Philadelphia 2X Protein Cream Cheese Spread delivers another way for consumers to get the protein they want with less fat and calories than peanut butter."

Now available in regular and honey flavors, Philadelphia 2X Protein is perfect for topping whole wheat bagels, toast, multi-grain crackers or pretzels for part of a nutritious breakfast or snack.

Found in the refrigerated section, this new spread has a suggested retail price of $3.29 for a 7oz. tub.