muffinRoquette used IBIE 2013 to showcase its breakthrough microalgae ingredients. For example, it offers a GRAS-approved lipid ingredient that can be customized and that allows for lipid profile optimization. “Our ingredients are unbelievably good,” says Fernando Arias, commercial vice president of Roquette America. “For example, Roquette Microalgae can reduce fat content in a muffin by 37.5% and calories by 64% and still deliver a delicious product. This microalgal lipid ingredient overturns the notion that baked goods aren’t able to both taste good and be good for you. A cookie, muffin, cracker or bread can be the comfort food or the indulgence consumers enjoy, while also delivering nutritional goodness and a simplified label.” As a non-GMO ingredient that is naturally derived and free of known allergens, it is label-friendly and provides added benefits to niche consumer groups, such as the gluten-free audience.

--Roquette America Inc.,