Wonka Pixy Stix Candy Canes in body

December 5/Glendale, Calif. -- With “the most wonderful time of the year” just around the corner, moms are busy planning and purchasing the sweetest part of the holidays. For those shoppers, Nestlé has added its Seasonal Confections’ newest holiday collection.

This year, Nestlé offers the all new one-of-its-kind Pixy Sstix Powder-Filled Candy Canes, the larger-than-life Nestlé Crunch 1lb. Candy Bar and colorful Wonka and Chocolate Stocking Stuffer Tins filled with fun-size pieces of the treats. Nestlé Seasonal Confections also unveiled its expanding collection of candy canes, now featuring the Wonka SweeTarts and Spree tube-filled candy canes, in addition to the Wonka Classic Candy Canes -- all under $10.

“From gift-giving to baking to decorating, moms rely on the unique items and versatility of their favorite holiday treats to help in their preparation for this very special season,” said spokesperson Tricia Bowles of Nestlé USA Confections & Snacks. “Perfect for the holiday season, Nestlé’s candy cane offerings including the new Pixy Stix, Wonka Classic Candy Canes join a growing candy collection of crowd-pleasing favorites that can be used for a variety of holiday entertaining or gift-giving needs.”

This year’s Nestlé Seasonal holiday treats from Butterfinger, Nestlé Crunch and Baby Ruth, SweeTarts, Spree, Nerds, Pixy Stix and Gobstoppers include:

  • NEW! Wonka Pixy Stix Powder-Filled Candy Canes – The first-ever Pixy Stix powder-filled cherry-flavored candy canes. 5oz., SRP $2.49
  • NEW! Nestlé Crunch 1 lb. Candy Bar – 16oz., SRP $9.99
  • NEW! Wonka SweeTarts and Spree Tube-Filled Mini Candy Canes – Red and green flavored Spree or sweet and tangy Wonka-licious SweeTarts flavors; 1.6oz., SRP: $0.99
  • NEW! Nestlé Assorted Miniatures – This large assorted mixture is full of Nestlé chocolate brands like Butterfinger, Nestlé Crunch and Baby Ruth. Each individual bar has a decorative holiday wrapper for candy dishes, stocking stuffers or festive snacking; 21oz., SRP: $6.99
  • Wonka Classic Candy Canes – Consistently ranked the “top 3” best-tasting and best-selling branded candy canes during the holiday season, these colorful Wonka Candy Canes capture the flavors of SweeTarts, Spreeand Gobstoppers. With 12 candy canes per pack, 6oz., SRP: $2.49
  • SweeTarts Holiday Gummies – Featuring a new look, the tree, star, bell and snowman-shaped chewy SweeTarts Holiday Gummies in red cherry and green apple are $2.49 for 11oz.
  • Nestlé Stocking Stuffer Tins – Generations have grown up with Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, Nestlé Crunch, 100 Grand, SweeTarts, Nerds and Laffy Taffy. Now, these Wonka and Chocolate Stocking Stuffer Tins include a reusable, collectable and colorful tin with treat-size candy bars tucked inside; 3.5 – 5.25oz., SRP: $2.99
  • Wonka Pixy Stix Giant Canes – This giant plastic filled candy cane features an assortment of Pixy Stix flavored mini straws for $1.99 per 1.98oz.
  • Also offered this year in a new size are the Wonka SweeTart Mserry Mix, Gobstopper Snowballs, and Frosty Nerds Theater Boxes. Offered in a convenient size for on-the-go, the new Theater Boxes feature miniature SweeTarts in the shapes of mini holiday-themed pieces, frosty Nerds in an assortment of tangy and sweet crunchy fruit flavors, or colorful Gobstopper snowballs in jawbreaker fruit flavors; 5oz., SRP: $0.99