January 23/New Oxford, Pa./PRNewswire -- Gluten-free looks poised for continued growth in 2014, according new research conducted on behalf of FreeBird chicken. Four in 10 health conscious respondents (41%) are planning to buy more gluten-free products this year, with 57% intending to buy the same amount as they did in 2013. Notably 70% of those surveyed said they regularly purchased products that were labeled gluten free.

"We found it particularly interesting that gluten intolerance or celiac disease was only a factor among about 3 in 10 of these gluten free shoppers," commented Barb Quijano, vice president of Marketing for Hain Pure Protein Corporation, which sells FreeBird chicken and Plainville Farms turkey, adding, "about half of the shoppers said they viewed gluten free as 'healthier'."

More than half of the consumers also stated that they preferred that their gluten free chicken also be antibiotic-free and family farmed. This survey was part of the 2014 Market LOHAS MamboTrack Annual Natural & Organic Consumer Study.