strawberriesStrawberries are a favorite fruit among young and old alike. In fact, it is estimated that each person in the U.S. eats up to eight pounds of strawberries every year.

Aside from enjoying their sweet and tart flavor, people have also taken notice of their healthy attributes. Strawberries are low on the glycemic index, low in calories, and rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, manganese, and potassium. They also are relatively high in fiber and may promote bone health. It's no wonder that consumers request this healthy berry in their favorite foods.

With Freeze-dried Strawberry from Van Drunen Farms (VDF), it’s easy to add real strawberry flavor and nutrition to smoothies, hot and cold cereals, and much more. Freeze-dried Strawberry also is versatile, and can be used in ice creams, yogurts, muffins, cookies, energy and nutritional bars, trail mixes, granola, and nutritional supplements.

Although freeze-dried strawberries are nothing new, VDP is a long-time primary producer of Freeze-dried Strawberry ingredients.

VDF offers the product year-round, and it is available in powder, multiple dice sizes, sliced, and whole forms. VDF also produces Freeze-dried Strawberry that is lightly oil-coated. This reduces dust (which aids in production) and helps product retain its rich color. Additionally, Freeze-dried Strawberry is certified kosher and is available certified organic.

Van Drunen Farms is a family-owned company located in the fertile farmland of the Midwest. VDF manufactures an extensive line of all-natural, conventional, and organic whole-food fruit, vegetable and herb ingredients. Customization is a specialty. For more information about Freeze-dried Strawberry, contact Irv Dorn by phone: 815-472-3100, fax: 815-472-3850, or email: For more information about Van Drunen Farms, visit