March 25/Tokyo, Japan/Press Release -- Tate Lyle announces the expansion of its direct sales capabilities in Japan and the opening of a new office in Tokyo.

“Japan’s food and beverage companies are highly innovative, so they expect nothing less than world-class experts to help them create new products,” said Joan Braca, senior vice president and general manager, Asia-Pacific. “Tate Lyle has the expertise, passion and innovation capabilities to work side-by-side with Japanese companies to help them bring new and exciting products to market.”

Tate Lyle’s global network of Applications and Technical Service laboratories include four in the Asia Pacific region, located in Melbourne, Brisbane, Shanghai and Singapore. These facilities provide applications development, rapid prototyping, complete formulation and process and evaluation expertise to help food and beverage customers move quickly from idea to market.

In addition to these customer-facing facilities, Tate Lyle’s Asia Pacific support includes sales teams and distribution partners in China, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. Tate Lyle also recently announced the expansion of its manufacturing presence in the region by signing an agreement to acquire Winway Biotechnology, a Chinese polydextrose speciality fiber business.

Braca added, “The expansion of our direct sales capabilities in Japan will provide us with a better understanding of the challenges faced by our customers and how best to help them meet consumer demands for better, tastier and more healthy products”.