Coco Joy in body
New York/PRNewswire -- FAL Healthy Beverages, a FAL Group brand, announced the launch of Coco Joy, a new coconut water made from young green coconuts. 
Unlike other coconut water beverages that mix the fatty, milky juice of aged brown coconuts with green coconut water, Coco Joy is never made from concentrate and is made purely from fresh, young green coconuts picked from Southeast Asia's tropical forests.
Compared to leading coconut water brands, Coco Joy has fewer calories, less sodium, no added sugar and no preservatives. Fat and cholesterol-free, rich in potassium and magnesium, and naturally loaded with electrolytes, Coco Joy is intended for those seeking healthier alternatives to sodas, juices and sports drinks. 
"Many coconut water brands have an unpleasant taste and a bit of an oily texture. Coco Joy has a natural and flavorful taste that can be enjoyed by the discerning palate of coconut water fans and those looking for a delicious, refreshing beverage," said Tim Xenos, CEO of FAL Healthy Beverages, a FAL Group brand.  "We thought it was important to bring the taste of coconut water in its purest form to the U.S. market, and with Coco Joy, we have done just that."
Coco Joy will be available starting July 2014 at most major retailers with expanded distribution coming throughout this summer. Coco Joy is available in 8.4fl. oz. cans for $1.90 and 42fl. oz. bottles for $3.90.