Croitzel, David Michael flavorsIn May 2013, the world met the Cronut, a trademarked pastry sensation that combined a doughnut and a croissant. In May 2014, David Michael & Co. used its annual Innovation Roadshow to introduce the next delectable sensation: the Croitzel.

The Croitzel combines the fluffy, flaky goodness of a croissant with the addictive and satisfying salty crunch of a pretzel. A true sensory experience, the Croitzel was demonstrated in two varieties: one filled with smooth, rich chocolate; the second was warm and savory, with a smoked ham and cheddar filling.

 With endless filling possibilities, David Michael can show processors how they can introduce the Croitzel to their product line-up.

On new offering targets today’s “on-the-go” consumer who craves convenience. Food with portability resonates well, but soup and a sandwich is not always a first thought when it comes to food that fits into a fast-moving day. At its 2014 Innovation Roadshow, David Michael also introduced a creative way to marry taste and convenience. The company’s “portable tomato soup” took the warm, creamy goodness of tomato soup and encased it in a batter and breading jacket. With cheddar cheese flavors in the batter, consumers can get the combined satisfaction of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich in each poppable bite.

David Michael’s 2014 Innovation Roadshow provided the opportunity to sample 25 never-before-seen foods and beverages. Developed by its global technical team, items such as Shanghai soup dumplings, vanilla frozen oatmeal and “cake shake cordials” show the endless flavor possibilities that David Michael creates to inspire.

–David Michael & Co.,