Batory Foods has become a select distributor of Celanese Corporation’s Qorus™ sweetener system. Developed by Celanese, Qorus™ balances flavor and sweetness while masking off notes. This helps manufacturers develop low- and no-calorie foods and beverages that taste as authentic as their full-calorie counterparts.

“This is not just another high-intensity sweetener,” says Tom Tang, product manager, Batory Foods. “It’s a complete sweetener solution that propels the development of no- and low-calorie products into the future. Qorus™ changes the game for formulators, who can now innovate in this space with fewer limitations.”

Typically, product developers sacrifice taste for caloric reduction. With Qorus™, however, Batory customers can deliver the delight of uncompromising sweetness—without the calories of sugar. Qorus™ significantly reduces the bitter aftertaste of traditional no- or low-calorie sweeteners and increases sweetness perception. The optimizer inside the Qorus™ sweetener system does not add its own taste.

Qorus™ functions in a variety of processing conditions and is designed for no- and low-calorie carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, flavored waters, energy and juice-based drinks, dairy products, cocktails and many more applications. Batory offers Qorus™ in two platforms: Dolce 1100 (30% to 70% sugar reduction) and Dolce 2100 (50% to 100% sugar reduction).

While formulators enjoy the innovation potential of Qorus™, operations professionals appreciate the savings. Qorus™ reduces the need for proprietary flavors or masking agents, introducing time and freight cost efficiencies. With fewer truckloads required, Batory customers experience reduced man-hours, dock hours, handling and storage.

The distribution partnership with Celanese also allows manufacturers to leverage Batory’s strength as a single-source ingredients provider. Customers that may have otherwise purchased flavorings or masking agents from different vendors can turn to Batory for a complete sweetener solution.

“We know that Batory is a good fit with Celanese,” says Amy F. Gilliland, technical manager, Americas, of the Celanese food ingredients business. “They have a long history of meeting customers’ sweetener needs and they are well equipped to represent a specialty ingredient like Qorus™.”

—Batory Foods,