Fortified instant beverages continue to grow in popularity due to ease-of-use and perceived nutritional benefits. As this market grows, there also are more consumers who expect an enhanced sensory experience. 

Ticaloid® Ultrasmooth, a cold water soluble hydrocolloid system that effectively decreases astringency and the perception of particulates in instant beverages, has been a valuable tool for product formulators. Due to the success of Ticaloid® Ultrasmooth, TIC Gums has expanded its portfolio of texture and stability solutions for instant protein beverages to include non-GMO and organic options.

Utilizing the Texture Revolution Lexicon, TIC Gums has formulated non-GMO and organic options to improve the texture of fortified instant beverages that require substantial mouth coating and a reduction in the awareness of particulates. The new products include Ticaloid® Ultrasmooth NGMO, a non-GMO alternative; and Ticaloid® OG 1155, as an organic option.

Formulation requires careful consideration of ingredient selection and usage levels. Product developers are encouraged to engage with TIC Gums’ in-house food scientists, known as “Gum Gurus,” to identify and determine the best solution to fit their specific texture and stabilization challenges and label declaration requirements.

TIC Gums is a global leader in advanced texture and stabilization solutions for the food industry.

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