Food manufacturers are under pressure to reduce sodium but not to affect taste or functionality. Potassium chloride-based systems such as Cargill’s FlakeSelect and SaltWise product lines are one option. 

FlakeSelect uses proprietary compacting technology to produce a thin flake with high solubility and a large surface area. SaltWise is formulated for many applications, including processed meat, soup, sauce/dressing and salted snacks. It can even improve the taste of reduced-sodium products—without increasing sodium content.

In topical applications, food manufacturers can reduce sodium levels simply by switching salt crystal types. Thanks to its unique, hollow pyramid-shape and tiny, multi-faceted crystals, Cargill’s Alberger salt flakes provide larger surface area and lower bulk density. They deliver a more intense burst of salty taste than traditional cube-shaped crystals.

— Cargill Foods,