Epogee LLC used the virtual 2020 Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting and Food Expo to introduce EPG, a low-calorie alternative fat technology made from GMO-free plant-based oil.

It is the only ingredient available on the market today that can cut 92% of calories from fat for each unit of fat replaced and total calories by as much as 45%, without compromising taste or texture, and without adding additional sugars or sweeteners. 

It’s an age-old dilemma: if food doesn’t taste good, people don’t want to eat it. Epogee has been teaming up with food and beverage innovators as they work to fight obesity and improve the health of society. 

EPG, as an alternative fat, has multiple uses. It can be included in nutritious recipes to further improve them, as well as be included in traditionally indulgent foods, dramatically reducing their caloric impact, to make them better-for-you. 

“As we know from experience, consumers are going to eat the foods that they like,” says Sarah Malenich, Senior Director of Marketing, Epogee LLC. “EPG is your chance to re-imagine your customers indulging in foods they might have otherwise stayed away from.”  

“Americans are trying to lose weight!,” adds Malenich. “This is not new news to us, but the numbers continue to grow, and the economic impact has become staggering. According to the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics, 72% of adults in the US. over the age of 20 are overweight or obese. By utilizing our proprietary technology, EPG allows you to create craveable foods with up to 45% fewer calories per serving, without compromising flavor, texture, nutrient absorption or satiety.“

“For manufacturers and innovators looking to break through in a crowded, calorie-conscious, consumer landscape — EPG is the answer,” Malenich concludes. “The IFT show is timely for us, as EPG has recently achieved additional GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), for an even wider variety of consumer-pleasing food and beverage categories.”

EPG has achieved GRAS designation for a variety of food and beverage categories including:

•    Confectionery 

•    Frying applications & chicken nuggets 

•    Baked goods & baking mixes

•    Frozen dairy desserts

•    Peanut butters & nut butters

•    Spreads, dips, gravies & sauces

•    Grain products & pasta

•    Protein/meal replacement bars 

•    Plant-based proteins

•    Dairy product analogs

•    Coffee & tea

•    Chips & corn-based snacks

•    Beverages/beverage bases

•    Battered/breaded proteins & vegetable products

Learn more about how Epogee can help you dramatically reduce calories without any compromises in your next food or beverage innovation by visiting www.epogee.com.

About Epogee Foods

Epogee strives to improve the health of society by delivering a solution against the greatest unmet need in food: dramatically reduced calories without any compromises. Epogee’s Alternative Fat EPG is an innovative solution to an ongoing problem and is proudly made in the USA. EPG is the one and only alternative fat that can safely and dramatically lower calories without sacrificing taste, texture or appearance.