DannonShake225.jpgDannon® introduced Light & Fit® Protein Shakes, a new on-the-go option with a satisfying taste to help shrink everyday food temptations.

Temptations come in many forms – from a box of donuts at the office to a late-day cookie craving. Light & Fit Protein Shakes are a convenient way to help overcome some of the tough daily enticements. With 12 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber and 0% fat per 10 fl. oz. bottle, Light & Fit Protein Shakes are a healthy way to satisfy a sweet tooth. The product comes in a convenient, portable 10 fl. oz. bottle, making it easy to enjoy while tackling any busy day.

“Choosing healthy meals and snacks on hectic days can sometimes prove difficult if better-for-you foods aren’t readily available,” according to Amanda Soled, Registered Dietitian and Associate Health Affairs Manager at The Dannon Company. “I recommend keeping nutritious options that satisfy your taste buds handy, so that it’s easier to make smarter food choices. Light & Fit Protein Shakes not only offer key nutrients like protein and fiber, but a delicious taste, helping you avoid some of those less healthy cravings.”

“At Dannon, we understand that people lead busy, on-the-go lives, and our goal in creating Light & Fit Protein Shakes was to expand the current line so that enjoying Light & Fit yogurt’s benefits can be easy and convenient,” said Jeffrey Rothman, Vice President of Marketing at The Dannon Company.