EdysFrozenCustard225.jpgEdy's announced the national launch of a classic American treat – Frozen Custard.

Frozen Custard, which was historically launched in the Midwest and known for its extra creaminess and thickness, is beginning to grow in popularity outside of its roots. Six flavors of frozen custard will be available nationwide at retailers in February.

The six flavors are representative of the classic flavors and mix-in offerings found in popular frozen custard stands and pay homage to consumer favorites:

  • Old Fashioned Vanilla: The simple, sweet vanilla flavor you love from Edy's in our new extra thick, extra creamy frozen custard. It's not plain, it's just plain good!
  • Chocolate Malt: Reminiscent of an old-fashioned hand mixed malted milk shake, Chocolate Malt is an extra creamy blend of rich chocolate flavor with just enough malted flavor to make it extra memorable.
  • Mint Cookies N' Cream: Our mint frozen custard is blended with crumbles of chocolate cookies for a thick and creamy crunch you'll love.
  • Peanut Butter Pie: A rich and creamy blend of sweet cream frozen custard with plenty of chocolate cookie pieces and peanut butter swirls in every bite.
  • Salted Caramel Pretzel: A perfect combination of sweet cream frozen custard, chocolaty covered pretzel pieces and a generous swirl of salted caramel.
  • Snickerdoodle: Snickerdoodle cookie pieces and cinnamon graham swirls are mixed into vanilla frozen custard creating an extra thick and creamy version of the classic cookie flavor you love.

"Frozen custard is traditionally viewed as a treat that the families would leave their homes to enjoy. We're thrilled to be able to bring this beloved dessert into freezers across the country for families to enjoy in the comfort of their homes," shared Jason Merideth, Edy's Ice Cream Brand Manager. "The innovation that went into creating the perfect experience of classic custard flavors and high quality, wholesome ingredients with no artificial colors or flavors is something our brand is proud to stand by."