Prostate cancer is the leading cancer among American men and the second leading cause of cancer death for that same group, with nearly 190,000 men in the U.S. diagnosed with prostate cancer this year.

The American Cancer Society estimates that as many as 35% of cancer deaths may be related to dietary factors. New research indicates that diet modification, including a low-fat diet and flaxseed supplements, may produce a positive effect on inhibiting the growth and development of prostate cancer cells. The study concluded that a diet supplemented with 5% stabilized, ground, fortified flax seed significantly slowed the growth and development of prostate cancer cells by 32% and doubled the rate at which the cancer cells were killed off. The special-variety flax seed was the same as used in ENRECO®'s premium flax seed used in its commercial bread and muffins. Bonnie Krajnik, 800-962-9536,,